Meet Fair & Square: A new British-made indulgent range of chocolate bars, made with a minimum of 34% cocoa

Fair & Square Dark Chocolate 70%
Fair & Square Milk Chocolate
Fair & Square White Chocolate with Cappuccino
Fair & Square Milk Chocolate with Cappuccino
Fair & Square White Chocolate with Vanilla
Fair & Square Milk Chocolate with Fudge
Fair & Square Dark Chocolate with Mint
Fair & Square Dark Chocolate 53%

Eight sumptuous flavours make up the new collection. Choose from milk chocolate, white chocolate, white chocolate with cappuccino, dark chocolate with mint, milk chocolate with orange or milk chocolate with fudge. For an extra indulgent experience pick from two dark chocolate options made with 53% or 70% cocoa.

Fair & Square doesn’t just taste good, its goodness starts even before the cocoa pods are hand-picked.

The new collection is made with cocoa sourced through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation scheme which supports farmers and growers.

Fair & Square is one of the first UK chocolate brands to source through, and support, the Cocoa Horizons Foundation – the industry’s first dedicated sustainable cocoa scheme.

The foundation, which is run and managed by the world’s leading international high-quality cocoa supplier, aims to play a central role in the long-term sustainability of cocoa.

The premium paid on the sourcing of the cocoa through the scheme directly supports and improves the livelihood of cocoa farmers and local communities.

Fair & Square is made in south west England – Cornwall specifically. It’s made by an award-winning family business who have been making chocolate and confectionery for three generations.

The highly skilled chocolatiers have mastered the fascinatingly technical art of making the finest chocolate products.

The team behind Fair & Square have been making the UK’s most innovative and delicious treats for the country’s biggest supermarkets for years.

The family-owned company is passionate about supporting the chocolate industry from the point of sourcing the cocoa right through to the creation of British jobs.

The chocolate bar recipe development, design and packaging all takes place in the UK.

Fair & Square It means a great deal